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Providing care and medication information in patients' first language improves their experience and safety.

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About Written Medicine

"The simplicity of the idea of printing your medicines labels, not just in English, but in someone's spoken language as well. We think about the amount it costs the NHS around medicines optimisation, people not able to follow the instructions, and getting into a situation where they end up in a crisis situation or just missing some of their routine care because of that difficulty of just being able to read the instructions to understand them properly. And you think, why doesn’t that already exist?! Well, it does now…"

Amanda Pritchard, CEO of NHS England


Patient Safety increased with bilingual labels


Translated labels increased patients understanding of medical instructions


Translated labels increased patient independence from 23% to 75%.


Written Medicine: Pharmacy translation services to improve medication adherence

Your online bilingual pharmacist

Improve medication adherence, enhance clinical safety and reduce medicines wastage with Written Medicine’s proven pharmacy language translation service for dispensing labels and discharge summaries.

Improve clinical safety and generate financial savings

Around 1 in 10 people in the UK don’t speak English as their first language, which can cause issues with medication compliance. Written Medicine provides pharmacists with certified online medical translation services in over 15 languages. Patients use medical information in their native language, aiding compliance and removing the need for NHS interpreter services. Unused medication and poor adherence cost the NHS around £800m each year [source?]. Healthcare providers can make significant financial savings of up to 30% by avoiding medicine wastage and improving adherence [Source]. Written Medicine is here to help.

Clinical audit trail

Create a clinical audit trail of your dispensing activities

Patient medical record maintenance

Maintain a patient medical record system

Access patient information

Reduce paper by going digital. Cloud based system on AWS to access patient from anywhere

Meet legal requirements

Meet legal requirements for labelling

1. Translation

Based on a face-to-face interview, we choose a professional translator with relevent experience in translating for the NHS or other health organisation.

2. Proofreading

This is carried out by a professional translation firm who provide a certificate of proofreading once the job is done.

3. Quality Checking

Is carried out by a third independent translator in our office where we go through the translations and make sure they are compatible with the software.

4. Testing (Pharmacist)

We hire bilingual pharmacist who is registred to practice in UK to test the software over several days by actually making bilingual labels.

Written Medicine

Language development Process

We do not use AI in our translation process.

Our translations are coproduced, developed and vetted over 4 stages by ISO 17100 accredited professionals and tested for clinical accuracy.

Easy Integration

Technical Element & Integration

We are fully DTAC compliant.

Standardised & codified database of 3,500 English directions of use (dose syntax), replicated in 15 languages with pictograms, including:

  • Indications

  • Warnings

  • Bespoke content

We do not use AI
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