About Us

Written Medicine is a mission driven solution enterprise that was created in response to a huge problem; the communication and language barriers that exist between healthcare providers and the patient. It is an intuitive and pragmatic solution that enables patients to take control of their care.

Our Story

Founded in 2012 by pharmacy manager Ghalib Khan, Written Medicine aims to improve medication adherence and reduce health inequalities by removing communication barriers between pharmacist and patient.

From working in pharmacies in London's vibrant multicultural communities, Ghalib recognised that a patient's inability to understand English can lead to medication mismanagement and compliance problems.


Since then, Ghalib has brought together a team of pharmacists, technologists and language professionals to develop an online medical translation solution and terminology service that is proven to vastly improve medication adherence, clinical safety, patient independence and their safety.


Patient Safety

Patient Safety increased with bilingual labels


Patient Understanding

Translated labels increased patients understanding of medical instructions


Patient Independence

Translated labels increased patient independence from 23% to 75%.

About Written Medicine

"The simplicity of the idea of printing your medicines labels, not just in English, but in someone's spoken language as well. We think about the amount it costs the NHS around medicines optimisation, people not able to follow the instructions, and getting into a situation where they end up in a crisis situation or just missing some of their routine care because of that difficulty of just being able to read the instructions to understand them properly. And you think, why doesn’t that already exist?! Well, it does now…"

Amanda Pritchard, CEO of NHS England
NHS Supporters and Customers


Our Team

Ghalib Khan

Founder and CEO / Fellow - NHS Innovation Accelerator

Tucker McGaw

Chief Information Officer

Murtada Alsaif

Clinical Advisor