Our pharmacy translation solution

Written Medicine has been developed by bilingual pharmacists, language professionals specialising in healthcare translations and cutting-edge technologists to provide a unique pharmacy language translation service that improves medication adherence and reduces healthcare inequalities.

Languages provided

Written Medicine provides pharmacy translation services in the following languages:

Arabic | Bengali | English | French | Gujarati | Hindi | Polish | Punjabi (Gurmukhi) | Romanian | Somali | Tamil | Urdu

Coming Soon

Czech, Dari, Farsi, Hungarian, Punjabi (Shahmukhi), Malayalam, Mirpuri, Slovak, Tagalog


Key Features

Written Medicine is an intuitive online medication translation service packed with pharmacist-friendly functionality. Features include:

Multiple Formats

Translated medication information for use in pharmacy dispensing labels, prescriptions, A4 medicine summary sheets, app notifications and text messages

Medicine Database

Database with translations of the vast majority of generic and branded medicines

Quality Assurance

Four-stage clinically-led quality assurance process


Customisable content for use in any healthcare setting

Legally Complaint

Fully legally-compliant with pharmacy translation regulations.

Extensive Library

Written Medicine is based on an extensive library of 3,500+ standardised and codified phrase datasets and includes medication warnings.


Written Medicine is an evidence-based pharmacy translation service that helps pharmacists to:

  • Improve medication compliance by enabling patients to better understand their medicines and treatment.

  • Support all patients equally, safely and efficiently with online medical translation for major second languages.

  • Reduce medicine wastage by improving people’s understanding of their medication and treatment.

  • Remove the need for NHS interpreter services.

Label Generation
How it works?
  • Patient opts in to using the pharmacy translation service via the pharmacist or reception team.

  • Written Medicine software provides dual language medication information in English and the chosen language. Pictograms are included to aid comprehension.

  • This dual language content is available for use on pharmacy dispensing labels, prescriptions, A4 medicine summary sheets, discharge summary sheets, app notifications and text messages.

Our directions of use & language Development

What we find in our translation process

  • Use of English words in ethnic minority communities when speaking their first language

    • Communities living in the UK adopt many English words when speaking their first language
    • A&E, paracetamol, doctor, hospital, COPD…
  • Not strong enough warning

  • Multiple words in target language (four words for tablet)

  • No similar word in target language (no word for pessary)

  • Written formal language is mostly the same regardless of geographic dialect differences

Language development Process

We do not use AI in our translation process.

Our translations are coproduced, developed and vetted over 4 stages by ISO 17100 accredited professionals and tested for clinical accuracy.

1. Translation

Based on a face-to-face interview, we choose a professional translator with relevent experience in translating for the NHS or other health organisation.

2. Proofreading

This is carried out by a professional translation firm who provide a certificate of proofreading once the job is done.

3. Quality Checking

Is carried out by a third independent translator in our office where we go through the translations and make sure they are compatible with the software.

4. Testing (Pharmacist)

We hire bilingual pharmacist who is registred to practice in UK to test the software over several days by actually making bilingual labels.

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